Tuesday 8th August Is International Cat Day !

Street Cats Winner – Mei Catherall

Street Cats Photo Winner – Mei Catherall on www.katzenworld.co.uk

International Cat Day is a full 24 hours of recognition and veneration of one of humanity’s oldest and most beloved pets.  The festivities were put together for the first time in 2002 by IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, among other animal rights groups, to celebrate the most popular pet on the planet.



Fritz & Marty Playing With Dartel’s Shoes



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Got A News For You !




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Why Thanking My Dexterous Followers !



Dedicated to your patience and perseverance; to your sharing is caring and joy to participate reading my blog; to your support and feedback; to all your words, a word for you: THANK YOU!



‘Cause I Wrote You A Love Letter !


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A great photographic project from the point of view of cats and colonies,
mediated by the ruthless look and the bright colors of the author.
A hidden world, glimpsed through the magnificent dark light of the protagonists, invisible but constant and powerful presence, sentinels of an Indian reserve of existence.
There are no beautiful portraits or cats there, but only the reality of the road and shelters in a precarious and perpetual struggle for existence, and all the emotions are underlined, but never shown, with a superb emotional filter of the photographer.
A condensed two-year hard-working wait and exploration, a contemporary and sore fresco, a solemn resistance to verbal and visual rhetoric.
I was lucky to follow to follow the long-standing professional and emotional evolution of the author, and this is the sum of his work, in continuous development, and every shot is a story to see and listen to…

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Stay Rock ‘n’ Roll, Play An Ace of Spades !

The House of Mouse – Tails of Joy

Ozzy 2

Ozzy – Of All The Things I’ve Lost, I Miss My Mind the Most.


Everyone deserves to have more to smile about in their life.  And mice are experts at creating smiles!

Lemmy 3

Lemmy – TheHouseOfMouse


Please meet the artist: Anna from Amsterdam!

Anna is the artist behind these joyful handmade felt mice.  Her granny was a mouse maker and just like her she is on a mission to let more joy into our existence .  She wants her creations to speak to our soul, light up and inspire us with pure delight because she believes that things that make us happy are what make our life so unique.  That’s why Anna dedicates hours of loving attention into the tiniest details to bring these beautifully intricate, utterly adorable felt mice to life, so they can light up our days.

Anna - TheHouseOfMouse

Anna – The House Of Mouse

As a child Anna struggled with reading and writing.  After years of being treated as educationally sub-normal by her teachers she was finally diagnosed with dyslexia, a condition that meant her brain simply followed unexpected ways of learning and gave her a huge gift: like blindness resulted in an extraordinary hearing she developed an intense passion and talent for creativity that became her source of joy, her sanctuary from the dark side of life.  Anna began to join several craft workshops and learned about drawing, painting, ceramics, sewing and all sort of textiles.  As she built up confidence with technique soon she added photography, graphic design and sculpture to her skills trying out for new experiences and working on different materials.

The House Of Mouse

The House of Mouse is now the soft, cuddly, nice, tiny, whimsical, magnificent and cute part of her life besides her hubby and her precious toddler!

Logo - TheHouseOfMouse

Blog: The House Of Mouse  ♪  Facebook: TheHouseOfMouse  ♠  Instagram: TheHouseOfMouse  ♫  Etsy Shop: TheHouseOfMouse

Lemmy 4

Lemmy – If You Like to Gamble, I Tell You I’m Your Man: You Win Some, You Lose Some, All The Same To Me.