Candy Printable Paintbrushes on Valentine’s Day !



♥  Printable Paintbrush Valentines

Please, download the following file _Pdf


♥  Scissors
♥  3-inch by 5-inch cellophane bags
♥  Assorted candy to match the colors of the paintbrushes
♥  Stapler
♥  Hot glue gun




♥  Download the paintbrush template, print them off, and cut them out.
♥  Score and fold the template where identified.
♥  Fill your cellophane bags with your desired candy.
♥  Align the top of the filled bag with the top of the backside of the paintbrush.  Staple twice along the upper edge to secure.
♥  Fold over the front paintbrush on top of the candy bag, fold in the tab, and apply hot glue to the tab to glue to the bag. This will securely sandwich the bag in between the front and back of the paintbrush and you’ll only see staples on the backside.


Photography by Jane Merritt | Design by Rebecca Hansen | Illustration by Ashley Isenhour | Blog:


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Miniaturitalia – Miniature e Case di Bambole

10 – 11  febbraio 2018 – Hotel Michelangelo – via Scarlatti 33 – Stazione Centrale Milano (Milan – Italy) –


Miniaturitalia 2018

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Car Craziness… !

The Snow Melts Somewhere
A stunning, whimsical “Travel photo blog – travel stories and dreamy images” by Snow

Montevideo Uruguay

The Snow Melts Somewhere: Montevideo – Uruguay


The Snow Melts Somewhere

I used to collect car photos. Whenever I passed an interesting one in the streets of Helsinki, I snapped a picture. Some pictures were of too poor quality to post here, being quick iPhone shots while walking by. (Maybe I should learn to stop walking while taking pictures, that might help.)

Looking at these pics, it seems as if the cool cars only come out in the summer. Or maybe it’s me!

…These aren’t the only cars on my blog – for a couple of cuties see here, and here, and for a confused car, look here!

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Evviva la Befana !


(Fonts: Thanks to Silvia Ziche for the magnificent illustration)

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Today, 2nd January 2018 is Happy Meow Year Day For Cats !

Happy Mew Year Day For Cats1

Cats will tell you that they consider themselves to be far, far superior to all hoomans.  They most certainly feel entitled and deserving of all that life has to offer, so why not have a Happy Meow Year Day For Cats?

Happy Mew Year Day For Cats5

The History of Happy Meow Year Day.

Happy Meow Year Day For Cats was created by  So why couldn’t they have their own little celebration?  Cats are graceful, magnificent, superb, cuddly, fluffy, regal and all-around fabulous, so why shouldn’t they have their own Celebration Day?

Happy Mew Year Day For Cats3


More info on

(Fonts: Thanks to Pinterest for the images and to for the text)


Jones & Happy Mew Year Day For Cats4