Who’s Topolo Dexter

Topolo D3xter is a six years old master of mischief.  He is black and white.  And has only the left eye.  Why Topolo?  Topolo means “cute little mouse”, in fact he is wonderful, small-sized and absolutely funny.  Why D3xter?  Because he is a hand-killer-cat.  Topolo D3xter lives together with the lazy fifteen years old pale-red-tubby Jones and the four-year-old kitten Fritz aka “trouble-with-the-tribble” and the unruly, rowdy one-year-old Tommy The Cat.  TopoloD3xter is anarchic, double trouble, too loud purring and impatient.  Very snoopy and charming he loves fun boxes.  Every day is a day of play.  Hidden treasures are everywhere and he hunts Tommy The Cat like a tiger in the jungle (obviously his very own jungle is the house furniture).  Or he nuzzles on a sleeping Jones-the-chubby-cat who reacts meowing and running at high-speed into my husband’s arms.  What a show!  Crazy and always ready to play disaster he scales all the time to new heights in search of mess around him.  That’s why my blog carries his name.



4 thoughts on “Who’s Topolo Dexter

  1. da-AL ha detto:

    he is adorable!

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