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Vanessa’s Traveling Cats: From Paris With Love !

Traveling Cats Cimetière Montmartre

Hundreds of cats hang out in the huge Montmartre Cemetery where they prowl among the graves and sit on the headstones of famous former Parisians.

“These cats are always hiding and tend to be très timide (very timid), so often I had to tempt them with my feather teaser and handfuls of cat treats,” says photographer Rachael McKenna in her book The French Cat. “It’s amazing how a couple of green feathers tied to a stick are irresistible to even the coyest cats. What I do is wiggle the teaser and a trickle of treats to lure her or him into position. Usually, the cat would follow me down the road to a setting I’d chosen and then, hopefully, click!”

Traveling Cats Cimetière Montmartre
The cats of the Montmartre Cemetery in Paris, France, are well looked after. Every day around noon, a man (Saujot, a true cat lover) arrives at the cemetery hauling thirty kilograms of cat food on a little trolley. He walks six kilometres from home and pays for the food himself out of donations from cat lovers. Meanwhile, the cats, most of them tabbies or pure blacks, are sleek and well fed. Every day they appear from their hiding places behind the tombstones to gobble up their rations.
Traveling Cats Cimetière Montmartre
Goodness knows who the gendarmes fine if the strays of Montmartre decide to scale the high wall around the cemetery and go rat hunting through the back alleys of Pigalle and the Marais during the midnight hours.
Traveling Cats Cimetière Montmartre


Traveling Cats Cimetière Montmartre

Source: The French Cat by Rachael McKenna

Traveling Cats Cimetière Montmartre

The French Cat by Rachael McKenna


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Got A News For You !




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A great photographic project from the point of view of cats and colonies, mediated by the ruthless look and the bright colors of the author.
A hidden world, glimpsed through the magnificent dark light of the protagonists, invisible but constant and powerful presence, sentinels of an Indian reserve of existence.
There are no beautiful portraits or cats there, but only the reality of the road and shelters in a precarious and perpetual struggle for existence, and all the emotions are underlined, but never shown, with a superb emotional filter of the photographer.
A condensed two-year hard-working wait and exploration, a contemporary and sore fresco, a solemn resistance to verbal and visual rhetoric.
I was lucky to follow to follow the long-standing professional and emotional evolution of the author, and this is the sum of his work, in continuous development, and every shot is a story to see and listen to, with no thoughts or preconceived ideas.
A wonderful job to be seen and reviewed every time with different eyes.

“Subsultim in niveos pathei”
Jumping over the snow-covered trail without leaving a trace.
Like the invisibles.


And Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head !



A Predictive Algorithm About a Cheerful, Merry, Lighthearted Year of the Cat !

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