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Stay Rock ‘n’ Roll, Play An Ace of Spades !

The House of Mouse – Tails of Joy

Ozzy 2

Ozzy – Of All The Things I’ve Lost, I Miss My Mind the Most.


Everyone deserves to have more to smile about in their life.  And mice are experts at creating smiles!

Lemmy 3

Lemmy – TheHouseOfMouse


Please meet the artist: Anna from Amsterdam!

Anna is the artist behind these joyful handmade felt mice.  Her granny was a mouse maker and just like her she is on a mission to let more joy into our existence .  She wants her creations to speak to our soul, light up and inspire us with pure delight because she believes that things that make us happy are what make our life so unique.  That’s why Anna dedicates hours of loving attention into the tiniest details to bring these beautifully intricate, utterly adorable felt mice to life, so they can light up our days.

Anna - TheHouseOfMouse

Anna – The House Of Mouse

As a child Anna struggled with reading and writing.  After years of being treated as educationally sub-normal by her teachers she was finally diagnosed with dyslexia, a condition that meant her brain simply followed unexpected ways of learning and gave her a huge gift: like blindness resulted in an extraordinary hearing she developed an intense passion and talent for creativity that became her source of joy, her sanctuary from the dark side of life.  Anna began to join several craft workshops and learned about drawing, painting, ceramics, sewing and all sort of textiles.  As she built up confidence with technique soon she added photography, graphic design and sculpture to her skills trying out for new experiences and working on different materials.

The House Of Mouse

The House of Mouse is now the soft, cuddly, nice, tiny, whimsical, magnificent and cute part of her life besides her hubby and her precious toddler!

Logo - TheHouseOfMouse

Blog: The House Of Mouse  ♪  Facebook: TheHouseOfMouse  ♠  Instagram: TheHouseOfMouse  ♫  Etsy Shop: TheHouseOfMouse

Lemmy 4

Lemmy – If You Like to Gamble, I Tell You I’m Your Man: You Win Some, You Lose Some, All The Same To Me.



Will Work For Cheese !

Will Work for Cheese

(Fonts: thanks to Mrs. Plops on MrsPlopsShoppe)

L’Hiver Vient… !


Dans un jardin imaginaire une drôle de petite créature, à la frimousse souriante à l’affut d’un p’tite maisonnette!
Cette petite créature est précieuse, il faut en prendre soin et vous donnera en retour beaucoup de tendresse: c’est fait à partir de pelotes de laine cardée à l’aiguille et aux couleurs chatoyantes et longuement sculptées et feutrées avec soin et attention, en pièce unique, selon différentes techniques.


Et puis la maisonnette sur un coussin que est réalisé comme un pouf dont le socle est rigide et le tissu japonisant, imprimé de belles arabesques écrues et dorées, avec broderie enchantée, des arcs et des rubans, accessoires adorables.


Mais vous pourrez aussi rencontrer des petites fées aux oreilles pointues, des poupées chiffons vêtues de dentelles anciennes et pourquoi pas, de petits lutins facétieux: l’univers de Nath est toujours plein de sourires!


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Are You Ready For Halloween ?


Are You Ready For Halloween

CandyFleece by Dina on

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Beyond, The Enterprise of the Mice !

Star Trek by TheHouseofMouse

Star Trek by TheHouseofMouse

Star Trek by TheHouseofMouse

Jim by TheHouseofMouse

Star Trek by TheHouseofMouse

Spock by TheHouseofMouse

Star Trek by TheHouseofMouse

Scotty by TheHouseofMouse

Star Trek by TheHouseofMouse

Bones by TheHouseofMouse

Star Trek by TheHouseofMouse

Uhura by TheHouseofMouse

Sulu by TheHouseofMouse

Sulu by TheHouseofMouse

Cechov by TheHouseofMouse on

Cechov by TheHouseofMouse