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(English Version) And Then There Was Gold !

Gilding with Golden Leaf: Guazzo and Oil-Mordent Technique.


Material  –  1. Gesso di Bologna (1 glass of water – 1 and 1/2 glass of gypsum) or Universal Pébéo Studio acrylic gypsum.  2. Bolo Armeno (Armenian Bole: a particular type of clay, usually red due to the iron oxide, with hydrous silicates of aluminium and magnesium.  Red for golden leaf – black and yellow for silver and copper leaf) or specific pigmented acrylic Primer Pébéo Studio.  3. Leaf: real gold (10 x 10 cm.), or french imitation (composition leaf, 14 x 14 cm.).  4. Glue: Missione Pébéo Gēdēo Gilding Paste Mixtion Gold Leaf or natural rabbit-skin glue (i.e. collagen and sizing) for Guazzo gilding technique.  5. Wax or oil-mordent to refinish the golden leaf, to artificially age and polish the surface, as well as brunitoio in pietra dagata (burnisher in agate stone: a special tool used to permanently fix the golden leaf and make the gilding surface smooth and shiny).  6. Wooden frame.  7. Wooden letter G.


Tools  –  steel wool or fine wire wool to finish and smooth the wooden frame and letter surfaces; flat medium bristle brush for acrylic gypsum or Armenian Bole; flat brush to spread the mission glue; specific single-blade gilder knife to apply the golden leaf; special brush „bombasino” or thick pasting brush to lay and arrange it; cotton cloth to spread the wax or the oil-mordent; blue and gold metallic acrylic colours to paint the wooden letter G; simple brush for acrylic paint; vintage music paper sheets.



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Work In Progress…

Chasing Life In A Shadow Box: Love From Paris.

Shadow Box Nr. 3


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And Then There Was Gold !

Doratura, in foglia oro, con tecnica a guazzo e a missione.


Materiale  –  1. Gesso di Bologna (1 bicchiere d’acqua per 1 e 1/2 di gesso) oppure gesso acrilico universale Pébéo Studio.  2. Bolo Armeno minerale (tipo di argilla: rosso per foglia oro – nero e giallo per foglia argento e rame) oppure primer acrilico pigmentato specifico Pébéo Studio.  3. Foglia oro vero (10 x 10 cm.) oppure francese imitazione oro (14 x 14 cm.).  4. Colla per foglia oro, Missione Pébéo Gēdēo Gilding Paste Mixtion Gold Leaf oppure colla di coniglio naturale (ossia, colla madre o colletta) per doratua a guazzo.  5. Cera o mordente per rifinire e invecchiare la foglia oro oppure brunitoio in pietra dagata (strumento che permette di fissare e lucidare la doratura).  6. Cornice in legno.  7. Lettera G in legno.


Utensili  –  lana d’acciaio oppure paglietta fine per rifinire superficie lignea cornice e lettera, pennello piatto setole medie per gesso acrilico o Bolo Armeno, speciale pennello piatto per stendere colla missione, coltello da doratore a una lama per applicare foglia oro, specifico pennello „bombasino” oppure pennellessa spessore semplice per stendere foglia oro, panno cotone per stendere cera o mordente di finassaggio, colori acrilici blu e oro metallizzato per dipingere lettera G, pennello per acrilico, fogli di carta vintage.




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Finding Dreams In A Shadow Box: A Little Cow Grazes On Abloom Meadows

Shadow Box Nr. 2.


Some beautiful soft felt sheets in yellow, green and blue, a tiny hand painted vase with two paper sunflowers, a nice jute string and a green silk ribbon, a yellow felt decoration and a blend of jute, a small wooden fence and the amazing little cow – handmade by Silvia – in white, rosa and brown soft felt: what an idea for the unique Being Tati‘s birthday gift!

First of all I need a sheet of white paper and a soft pencil to draw the different templates of the shining sun, the blooming meadow and the three vaporous clouds; the scissors to cut them properly; the colourful soft felt sheets to be shaped up according to the paper templates; the vinyl glue and a flat brush to spread on an adequate glue measure to paste the sun, a cloud and the meadow to the shadow box front side.  I let them dry for at least six hours.

With the hot-glue gun – I assemble and hot-glue the other elements: two thin strings on the rear side of the clouds to hang them up; the fence and the blend of jute; the vase and its decorations.  To secure the little cow I use a L-shaped piece of wood, stitched on its back and glued on the SB-bottom.



Little Cow by Silvia on

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Chasing Life In A Shadow Box: Polla’s Daydream

Shadow Box Nr. 1.

Shadow Box Nr. 1

Gestern war Ich schlau, und wollte die Welt verändern.  Heute bin Ich weise, und verändere mich selbst.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.  Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

Shadow Box Nr. 1

(Fonts: thanks to Poet Dschalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi - 1207-1273)
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A Birthday Gift & Japan !

a birthday gift & japan 5a birthday gift & japan 2

a birthday gift & japan 3 a birthday gift & japan 6

 Beautiful japanese 100% cotton fabric and Kokeshi soft-paper dolls and small tree.  What an idea for a unique birthday gift: to decorate a 30×40 cm. canvas with the decoupage technique.  First of all I need a soft pencil to design the template on the canvas front side, the scissors to cut out my fabric symmetrically and vinyl glue (or special fabric-glue).  Also a flat brush to spread an adequate glue measure on to paste the ten fabric pieces, my fingers to hold and press the fabric down while it dries.  Then I use a satin water-based varnish gel to create a protective finishing.  I apply a thin uniform coat with a specific smooth flat brush and let dry for at least six hours.  I repeat twice, or three times.  Finally, I paste the japanese Kokeshi soft-paper dolls and small tree to the copper lamina and cut them out carefully.  I glue them with hot-melt adhesive by a hot-glue gun directly to my fabric.  To embellish I choose a white wooden frame.

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