Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon In The Summertime !

Photo by The Bike Basket Girl

Photo by The Bike Basket Girl


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Colours & Palettes

The Singularity of Black & Yellow: Charisma focuses on Life.


Yellow: this colur carries the promise of a positive future and is the happiest in the spectrum; it instills optimism and energy, stimulates mental processes and creative thoughts, activates memory and encourages communication, increases fun and lightness.

Yellow (from the French jalne; i.e. the Latin word galbínus; from the earlier galbus, green-yellow) is one of the three primary colours together with blue and red and the most difficult for the eye to perceive.  In theory, these are the hues that can be mixed to make all other colours.  Hence, a secondary colour can be created by mixing two primary hues together.



It is the colour of the 3rd Sun Chakra, i.e. Manipura.  Located at the centre of the solar plexus area and linked to sight and fire, as well as to right action and powerful identity, yellow gives a sense of confidence and strong will.  It helps humor and donates logical intellect.


Yellow is blink, rich, glowing, divine, opulent, radiant, luxurious, illuminating, joyful, lively, friendly, innovative, cheerful, sunny, pleasing and gaudy.




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